Dr. Marc Rosenberg

Dr. Rosenberg was Board Certified by the State of Ohio Chiropractic Board in May 1997. His undergraduate studies focused on Pre-Med, Psychology and Human Biology. While attending Logan College of Chiropractic Medicine, he completed chiropractic courses that included all general medical sciences while focusing on anatomy and physiology, differential diagnosis, x-ray techniques and diagnosis, spinal manipulation techniques, physical therapy, musculoskeletal disorders and biomechanics. He earned his postgraduate certification-Manipulation Under Anesthesia in 2003 and currently has hospital privileges at both Lutheran Spine Center (2004) and the North East Ohio Surgery Center (2004). During his career, Dr. Rosenberg has also completed multiple courses in auto accident / whiplash recovery and treatment.

Currently, Dr. Rosenberg is the Clinic Director of 5 Chiropractic locations in Northeast Ohio: Warrensville Physical Medicine & Chiropractic, Cleveland Spine & Pain Management Center, Physical Medicine & Chiropractic Rehabilitation, Lakewood Pain Management & Chiropractic and Parma Chiropractic & Spine Center. Each of these locations specialize in patients that have sustained work injuries, auto accident/whiplash and family practice. The practice is a multi-disciplinary type setting with 5 Chiropractors, 2 Board Certified M.D.’s who specialize in pain management and Neurosurgery, and 12 Medical Assistants. Techniques at each of the clinics include spinal manipulation, physical therapy modalities, myofascial release, manual therapy and traction, epidural steroid blocks, facet blocks and nerve root blocks.

About the Team

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