Runners love the Quattro Pro

Read what others have said about the the Quattro Pro Massager. For both the weekend warrior and competitive athlete, targeted massage therapy delivered by the Quattro Pro® Massager has helped keep muscles stay in top condition, restore muscles faster and keep them injury free.

“Tools such as the Quattro Pro Massager make targeted daily massage a possibility for all by making it affordable, accessible, and, most importantly, available on your time. You can take the massager with you anywhere and use it any time!”

“The massager is great for total body recovery. I loved using it on my neck and feet after a long run. Even my Husband jumped in and used it on his shoulders….It’s easy to use and it has definitely helped relieve my pain from starting to workout again”

“…it was effective in removing knots, massaging trigger points and soothing my achy muscles. In summary, I do think this is a great product. I will continue to use this gem on my sore muscles. I’m already thinking I may need a second one to keep exclusively in the RV with me while traveling to races.”

Dr. Clark | Chiropractor

“I have been a chiropractor in the state of Ohio for the past 15 years. Previous to this I was an analytical/research chemist with experience in polymer chemistry.

The quality of the product is very good, I can tell a higher grade polymer was used in its construction. The unit feels substantial in my hands, but not heavy. In general the product has a nice feel to it. All four rollers detach and can be heated in hot water. The roller action is very smooth.

I like the fact that the the massager can be re-configured for large or small body parts. This makes for much easier control when doing sensitive necks then re-configuring it for the larger muscle groups.

Having used this massager in my office, my response from my patients has been very positive. Especially with the rollers heated, it helps to loosen tight muscles and release trigger points. I use this product along with my regular massage to help or improve the results in my patients.

This massager can also be used at home by the patient in order to increase their results with treatment and improve their outcome over the long term.

I would highly recommend buying this product.”

  • Krishna J.

    “The rollers really got into muscle tissues. My muscles where really relaxed. I would recommend this product especially to a person that’s into fitness.”

  • Stephanie A.

    “I like the wheels being able to be moved how I like them to treat and where to treat and it did my shoulder very well. I liked the feeling of it. Very nice on mid back. The way the wheels are shaped are very nice and work very well.”

  • Jennifer M.

    “Loved the features, made thoracic area feel great. Worked out knots in back. Was able to get into areas massaging is unable to reach. Heated feature will be good addition with time. Compared to similar items was able to relieve pain rather than tickle the area.”

  • Laura C.

    “What I enjoyed about this product is how the rollers are able to reach deep into the muscle tissue. I think the heat will be great once added. This product will be very useful and an excellent tool for the removal of tight tissue / muscles & knots.”