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This Massager Is Amazing!

Athletes and workout enthusiasts demand a lot from their muscles. 

The Quattro Pro Massager® is designed to give those muscles the TLC 

they need to warm up and recover better and faster. 

The QuattroPro Massager® is a clinical-strength massage tool designed for home and on-location use. The easy-to-configure, repositionable and heat-able wheels feature patented Dig Point Technology® that allows effective muscle penetration into trigger points and tight muscle areas, providing maximum tension relief and improved muscle health. 

Developed by Dr. Marc Rosenberg, D.C. to help his patients needing to address hyper-irritable spots in the fascia surrounding the skeletal muscle, the Quattro Pro Massager® is designed to penetrate deep into muscles to rid them of knots and tightness, which can eventually cause injury. The tool is designed for use by athletes and masso-therapists to aid in myofascial release. 


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