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To help muscles stay in top condition, restore muscles faster and keep them injury free, weekend warriors, competitive athletes and workout enthusiasts alike  love the targeted massage therapy 

using the Quattro Pro® Massager!


"I would highly recommend buying this product.” from Dr. Mark Clark, Chiropractor..


“I have been a chiropractor in the state of Ohio for the past 15 years. Previous to this I was an analytical/research chemist with experience in polymer chemistry.

The quality of the product is very good, I can tell a higher grade polymer was used in its construction. The unit feels substantial in my hands, but not heavy.  In general the product has a nice feel to it. All four rollers detach and can be heated in hot water. The roller action is very smooth.

I like the fact that the the massager can be re-configured for large or small body parts. This makes for much easier control when doing sensitive necks then re-configuring it for the larger muscle groups.

Having used this massager in my office, my response from my patients has been very positive. Especially with the rollers heated, it helps to loosen tight muscles and release trigger points. I use this product along with my regular massage to help or improve the results in my patients.

This massager can also be used at home by the patient in order to increase their results with treatment and improve their outcome over the long term. I would highly recommend buying this product.”